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Prime 21 (Moscow)

Dear all, having just received the invitation for the event at Prime 21 , i have to inform you of our experience last Friday.
Myself and a group of our friends have been going here twice a week since it opened, the location is good and we know the people involved in the promotion, i.e Don, Doug and Danny.
Overall we liked the place, the food was a little indifferent , some times excellent and other times mediocre and normally the staff were pleasant and helpful, until last Friday.
6 of us were having a meal , all except for me chose the small rib eye as it is more consistent with its flavour, James Sheppard was not happy with his , i tried and it was tasteless , he asked the waitress to take it away and that is when the fun started.
The manager came and argued with James then the chief came and said fine he would remove of the bill , then one of the owners came and put it back on the bill and instructed the security to take a photo of James , which they did and were told to hit him if he tried to leave.
The outcome of this was that our party which had grown to about 15 left, James paid for his tasteless steak and we will not be going back there.
My understanding from James is that Doug and Don sought to get a apology for James , however this has not been forth coming and i now understand that Don will no longer be promoting this venue.
As a summary by all means go there and try it , God help you if you have a problem with your food as the response to any complaint from the customer will be meet with a violent reaction.
This is my main reason for not attend the forth coming event, i will look forward to rejoining you at another venue.

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