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Request for employers/organisations to join us (Moscow)

Request for employers to take part in a "Building Job Experience in Moscow"​ evening, РАНХиГС Protected content . 2017

The event aims to introduce master's-level students of РАНХиГС international programs to members of Moscow development agencies and the business community. We hope by bringing you into close contact with our carefully selected Russian and foreign students to open up opportunities for our Master’s candidates to train and gain job skills in Russia.

The international programs prepares policy and finance analysts, regional experts and project managers. A unique group of professionals from Russia, the USA, Mexico, Columbia, Turkey, and Balkan, Middle Eastern, European, Asian and African countries with profound knowledge of their respective regions and countries, they bring with them at leat 6 years experience and possess academic degrees from their countries leading universities, next to the one they are studying for at the Academy. Upon graduation, many of these students return to their countries of origin or remain, as Russians, in the Russian Federation, where positions are waiting for them. However, most would also be eager to have some professional experience before leaving. 40% of these students are Russian, and they therefore are fluent in the language. Others have studied basic Russian, along with global public policy, global finance, or international business education.

If you are interested to know more, please message me and I will be very pleased to communicate further details and invite you to the event. Thanking you very much for your interest.

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