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Social Responsibility Projects (Moscow)

Hi, I hope I am posting in the right forum!

Some background to my request:
We see a slow movement in Russia towards Social Responsibility and more and more companies are looking for projects to be part of.

I have worked in my company with the CSR project for almost three years now, and I know how difficult it is to find a project or a fund you can trust to deliver what they promised.

Recently new tax laws were introduced to NPOs and they are struggling to survive. In fact, many have already closed their doors.

In my company we have been working with one fund specifically - for more than 5 years now. And the results of the projects are really good! The money goes directly to the children, and the projects are transparent, clear and visible - everything you need for PR.

My company also works in three children's homes - and the homes have very specific needs. So, even companies who prefer not to work with a fund can be involved in these projects. For example - repairs to bathrooms and bedrooms, new furniture, sport equipment etc.

I would love to hear from people or companies who would like to be involved in these projects. It is easy and clear projects that will produce good results and good PR. And I have testimonies of the kids who benefit from these projects - some of them started University today where 3 years ago they didn't even think they would graduate.

Please note:
1. I am not employed by the Fund. I wrote this email with the hope of finding a few partners for urgent projects we don't have the budget for inside our company.
2. I didn't mean to annoy anyone. Please don't turn this thread into a debate about CSR. Open a new thread, and I will participate in any discussion or debate.
3. Please send me a message if you would like to receive more information about these projects, or the fund.

Thank you!

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