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Special Raffle at the November 15th event (Moscow)

Your chance to win an i-Pad 3 at the November 15th event

Our strategic partner Awara has recently publish a new Awara Guide: Employee Engagement in Russia – How to Build a Corporate Culture of Engagement, Customer Focus and Innovation (Preview version). This e-book can be downloaded free from this link.

All of our headhunters and HR consultants at Awara have put a lot of work into this publication and therefore we want to celebrate this success by commemorating the next Internations to this publication. And since this is about engagement, we want to engage all of you in this effort. It easy, you just need to participate in the special Engagement Super Raffle! For this you have to do one extra step to get engaged. We would ask you to access the e-book from this link. And print out page number 1. This printed page will serve as your entry ticket to the lottery. You will hand it in and in exchange of that you will get your raffle ticket. Now we’ve made it really easy to become engaged, haven’t we? The prize of the special raffle is a brand new Apple Ipad 3 worth more than Protected content .

Come to Internations and get engaged with Awara!

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