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Warning: You must be warned and you must take this warning seriously if you are considering seeking asylum in the Russian Federation. Do not do so. This warning is specifically directed at US citizens and former US citizens and nationals and residents of US territories or “protectorates”. This warning also applies to nationals of all other countries who may believe that there may be a better life in Russia and as Refugees they may be given jobs, apartments or social support. The fact is asylum in Russia is literally a black hole that you will never get out of and citizenship for Asylees is unattainable thus you will never normalize your status.
This warning does not apply to the millionaire class seeking an escape from tax responsibilities with money off-shore or famous Hollywood actors and world known sports figures. For you Russia will make sure you receive not only “lowly-disgraceful-asylum” as official treat it, but full citizenship and passports and do so quickly. However be prepared to pay huge sums to cover "processing fees" which cover all necessary bribes.
Big Brother is Watching
If you are an activist, a hacktivist, an intellectual, a thinking person, a critical thinker, a Socialist, a Communist, have been labelled a “conspiracy theorist” or “anti-Semitic”, are black or brown or yellow or red and have fought against discrimination and for the rights of your people, are a Green or Libertarian or Progressive, fight for social justice or human rights, are a hippy, or a peace lover, a whistle-blower, a Muslim, or belong to any group of people being oppressed and discriminated against in the United States, then this article is directed at you.
Perhaps you are one of millions waiting for a knock on the door or you think you are under surveillance. Maybe you are having “strange” problems at work or with your finances or are being dragged through the courts or harassed by police. If you are you are not alone. Maybe you have had your laptop or electronic devices seized, been put on a no-fly list or have received a National Security letter. You noticed some signs that someone has been in your home but you are not sure, or you are followed, or your electronic communications have suddenly developed strange anomalies or perhaps there are people looking in your windows at night or someone has tampered with your car. These are all some of the tell-tale signs that Big Brother is interested in you, and make no mistake that type of interest has nothing to do with your well-being.
If you have been going through any of these things and are entertaining thoughts of trying to escape the Matrix and find a more humane and just country where you can live in peace my advice is do it before they stop you. And trust me they will stop you, you cannot be allowed to escape.
In a recently completed work I detail all of the in-and-outs, advanced preparations and things you need to do to successfully escape the Matrix. Part of this work involves the realities of having asylum in the Russian Federation and this article contains excerpts from that section. This is real knowledge, not doctored or edited or mainstreamed and unlike other “revelations”, which are nothing more than endless affirmations of the all-encompassing power of the Complex, I give you real live practical Intel from which you can use to make decisions and successfully complete your own plan of action.
Now if you are thinking about seeking asylum, as a US citizen I will tell you it is almost impossible. Ten years ago there were more chances but now things have changed for a large part because of what I call “Operation Snowed-In”, which did more damage to your chances than anything else could have. Now he has become the benchmark by which all of us are judged but how will anyone reach that level of media adoration? The truth is no one will. The media killed the truth movement and asylum chances for people are the world and never mentions that as an operative of two intelligence agencies he had no right to seek asylum.
You have the right to seek asylum, as do I, as do people fleeing war zones, genocide, institutionalized repression, political crack-downs and ethnic cleansing, just to name a few, but Spooks do not have that right. They have the right to defect and this points to one of the principle Snowed-In objectives.
If you must seek asylum I want to help you because in reality no one else will. Even the United Nations is simply another body of the US Apparatus. This I know firsthand. I want to help you and so I am making this information available, information I have given my life for. I hope you find it useful and that I can help even one person.
Mother Russia
I love Mother Russia. I have fought for Mother Russia. I love President Putin. I was a key propagandist for the Russian Government for years. I am a member of what is called the Russian World. I follow Orthodoxy. I am a Russian patriot, but I am not an ethnic Russian. I am an American Indian and now here, to the racists I am just a “black ass”, nothing more, subhuman and beneath contempt.
I say this because then you will understand a little of what it is like here. I say this because what happened to me is almost incomprehensible and makes no sense. How with everything so politicized would a Russian patriot and state journalist for Putin be thrown under the bus? Well things have gotten even more racist than politicized in Russia. The Russians are under an attack to destroy their country and culture and ethnicity, so I forgive and try to understand, but what you are about to read I do not understand anymore and do not forgive.
For years I told people how wonderful it was to have asylum in Russia. I lauded Russia for its courage to stand up to the US and ignored the reality of what I was being put through on a daily basis out of fear and terror of saying anything bad about Russia, but unfortunately being silent has allowed them to destroy me and now I must try to correct the wrong I have done in perhaps leading people to believe things were better than they actually are. For that I am sorry.
Asylum in Russia: The Real Facts Protected content
You can tell a lot about a country by how they treat those who are the weakest and most defenseless among them. I have lived in that position in the Russian Federation for 20 years and from a human rights perspective the treatment of the weakest and the voiceless is worse than deplorable.
I have lived in terror about speaking out and in fact, things are so bad, I thought it was all an elaborate Psy-Op, what I was being put through. In fact that may still be the case but it is not one only against me, but one designed to control, weaken and break the common Russian people. This Psy-Op consists of an institutionalized broken system that rewards and promotes corruption and squashes development, justice and freedom, that is the real evil in Russia. Not a strong and independent President Putin or independent foreign policy.
1 Registration (Something Only Existing in Mother Russia)
The entire Russian social system and the Federal Migration Service work on the principle of registration and propiska which were revoked in Protected content are in fact illegal under the Russian Constitution because they restrict freedom of movement and the freedom of citizens. After a couple of articles I wrote mentioning registration and the fact that it was revoked recently I noticed that the revocation itself was recently revoked as well, so it is somehow still legal. It is an instrument that stifles freedom and criminalizes people for just being humans. It is the worst and last vestige of the Soviet Union and it is the corrupt machine which survives with it that should have been replaced instead of the USSR.
The registration paper, for those without a flat or a propiska, is a little gray piece of paper that says where you live. The propiska (a residence stamp in the internal passport) and registration are the foundations of everything in Russia and are maintained because they are the bread and butter of the bribe and corruption system that rotates around the FMS, the Internal Ministry and in fact has spread everywhere.
When you arrive in Russia as a tourist, move between Republics, arrive to work, move between cities or even change flats, you are supposed to go to the local “Uchaskovy” or FMS or police and fill in an immigration card or apply for registration. I will not go into all of the nuances since we are dealing with asylum and refugees in this paper, but the key issues are that you cannot register yourself, you cannot under the law register a fictitious address and if you are renting no one will register you in the flat they rent because they would then have to pay taxes and many Russians still believe that would give you some claim on the flat.
The ridiculousness of the system is unbelievable. If they (Law Enforcement) really wanted to know where people lived they would let you register yourself, but then that does away with all of the bribes and corruption in the entire system. And by entire I mean entire. From medical care, to paying taxes, to banking, to operating a car, to work, to pensions, to simply buying a SIM card or a train ticket, everything is connected with this little piece of paper and for the refugee or person with asylum it is almost unattainable.
Let me walk you through it what this means for the Asylee. After the years that you will have to spend getting asylum and if you finally receive the status and a document which is supposed to grant you all of the rights of a Russian citizen except you cannot vote, you will have to get registration to make your status and in fact the document legal. And here the real fun and games begin.
None of your Russian friends will register you in their flats. They maintain the myth that this somehow gives you a right to it, so you will have to buy registration, which normally costs around 10 thousand rubles but for the US asylee this illegal “sale” could be closer to 40,000 rubles. Even if you rent a flat for thousands of dollars a month and fulfill the demands of landlords that you sign an 11 month lease so they do not have to pay taxes, they will not register you as they are supposed to under the law.
My first registration as an asylee took 9 months to finally get and I had connections, speak Russian and know the system. You could literally die trying to get registration as a refugee and if you are not lucky enough your status may be revoked at the end of the first year.
I could go into more but that is enough for now. In summary after almost 20 years the only conclusion I can reach is that the only people with “rights” in Russia are ethnic Russians who own a flat. The system of registration, which targets everyone else and multiple laws and regulations controlling non-Russians are all designed so that non-Russians, migrants, transient workers, and even the young are kept marginalized, can have their fate decided at the whim of any official, cannot properly defend their own interests and do not even have the real right to own property, as is evidenced by the draconian way cars are registered also based on the piece of paper.
Being forced to live under the illegal registration system is degrading and is something that does not exist in any other country in the world. The way it is administered and the way it is used is corrupt and a monstrosity that does nothing but criminalize normal honest people and productive members of society, but it keeps the bribe system running and the mafia well fed.
So registration is the number one reason not to seek asylum in Russia. If you can come and buy a flat, which you could lose if they deport you, go for it. Again everything is based on registration. Everything.
For Americans only needing a Social Security Card and some form of picture ID, understanding this Machiavellian system of internal passports, registration, propiska, INN, Pension Cards, medical cards, etc can be a nightmare under normal conditions. Throw in an asylum situation and it is hell.
Other reasons you will want to think twice about asylum in Russia
2 Applying for Asylum
The entire process of applying for asylum and receiving asylum is a nightmare and could take years and years and there is no guarantee you will end up with anything except being deported right back to the place you came from. Russia may not deport you back to the United States but to the last place you were abroad or to your entrance point, so any such trip should have you coming through Belarus or some other neighboring country. There are nuances there too.
3. Endemic Racism
Russian racism is not something I dare to talk about often but institutionalized racism and a thinly disguised hate of "foreigners" is manifest in new laws where "foreigners" can be deported for such offenses as traffic violations. The recent exodus of Tadjik and Kazakh migrant workers is a good example. FMS openly stated that they are changing polices to attract and keep educated migrants from Ukraine because “they are more like us”. Meaning they are white and Slavic, this is an openly unashamed example of institutionalized Russian racism.
4. Russia is for Russians
All FMS and migration polices are decided on, entered into legislation by, written and over looked by Muscovites and the power elites. These people are the flat owning, elite class who are least affected and do not have problems with registration and normalizing their status and have no idea what their polices do to the common honest people. Rules regarding refugees are even worse. FMS openly states that all policies affecting “non-Russians” are implemented and carried out as long as “Russians do not complain”.
5. No Voice for the Voiceless
All of these issues are ones which should be dealt with within the framework of Russian Government and Human Rights structures and as Russia is a signatory to United Nations statutes and agreements on refugees, these issues should be addressed but sadly they are not.
In my own experience hundreds of letters and enquiries, to everyone from the President, to Human Rights bodies, to Duma Deputies have had no effect whatsoever in resolving or addressing the very elementary human rights issued involved in my situation. So reason five not to seek asylum in Russia is that as a refugee in Russia you will have absolutely no voice and there is no body that will defend you or stand up for you or protect your rights. FMS will have an adversarial role from day one and will do everything possible to damage you and make you into a criminal.
One example of the institutionalized nature of the corruption is the way complaints are dealt with. Every complaint to the Presidential Administration regarding corruption or illegality is sent to the bodies whom the complaint is filed against. In other words the corrupt officials determine themselves whether they are guilty or not.
This will leave you in a position like mine where my son was arrested to silence me and to get even for all of the complaints I had filed.
6. Housing
I was blown away when I found out that billions of rubles are given to someone for housing for refugees. This is a fallacy. There are no flats or living arrangements provided for refugees in Russia with the exception of the camps set up during the Ukraine war. There is some building or camp for refugees somewhere in the far north near Murmansk but that is it. I was invited to go there when I was made homeless.
As for renting the prices have skyrocketed since the 90s. There are absolutely no rent controls and no body which defends renters or overlooks these issues. Officially nobody rents a flat in Moscow because to avoid paying taxes they do not keep or maintain normal rent agreements. This of course suits the ruling class, most members of which own and rent out multiple apartments obtained during the criminal privatizations of the 90s. They do not pay taxes, charge as much as they want and use this money to buy themselves expensive foreign cars and go on exotic holidays. No one is concerned about the slave class who gives 90% of their salaries to these parasites. Renters have no voice and if you don’t like it just get out. A room in Moscow currently costs about 25K while salaries are now less than that for young people without specialized professions.
Again most of the flat owners received flats in Soviet times and from the Government which has made worse the problem of criminal capitalism and the literal enslavement of the less fortunate. Since the renting class is disorganized, made up of youth, transient workers, foreigners, refugees, and other more marginal and vulnerable segments of the population they do not dare to speak out as they are dependent on this system which allows them to live at least a marginal life.
7. A Refugee Will Never be a Citizen
If you have asylum the only way to normalize your status is to obtain citizenship. However as one FMS inspector told me, there are orders that: “No refugees receive citizenship.”
My family and I followed all of the laws applicable for applying for citizenship. However even though we follow the law to the letter the officials responsible for accepting applications for citizenship do not. We are trapped in an endless cycle because someone does not "like" us. Which means someone wants a bribe. Bribes are illegal and as we follow the law we are trapped in a catch 22 situation. Even if we went the bribe path then if the official were arrested or decided he wanted to burn us we would be criminals. That is how corruption kills the system and enslaves the people.
As a refugee you will be pressured left and right for bribes or you will be just brushed aside and of course the officials cannot be named publically because they have conveniently passed laws making "slander" a criminal offense and of course one which is deportable.
8. Social Nightmare
As a refugee it will be extremely difficult and even almost impossible to receive medical care, employment, education, social assistance, banking services, driving licenses or anything else we all need to function normally on this planet. I can tell you horror story after horror story.
9. Your “Secret” Hell
If you seek asylum, aspects of your "case" may be deemed to involve state secrecy. This is the case with me, so I am not allowed to speak about real issues. This will guarantee that you are silent and continue to live silently in limbo until you die. However your silence will also be your downfall. With me those who promised me and my family citizenship and a flat now sit silently and do nothing. We are not “interesting” for them anymore.
10. Punitive Measures
If you are like me and follow the law and then dare to report violations against your person or dignity the entire system may turn against you. I officially reported a bribe scheme and the demand for first Protected content Protected content for me and my family to obtain citizenship and in the end they obtained their revenge by fabricating a criminal case against my son and destroying my life and family. As a refugee you will have no one to go to for help and may end up like me, begging the world just to listen.
With asylum you will not receive protection but in fact you will be trapped and stripped of all human rights. In short corruption and secrecy which will destroy you and kill freedom of speech in Russia, rule of law and stifle civil society. You will no longer be a human being and you will not be able to speak out.
In my book I detail cases where I was literally black mailed into doing things by certain people in the government who used my asylum as a tool against me. You do not want that to happen to you.
11. CIA Targeting No Protection
There are alternatives to seeking asylum in Russia and although Russia and China are the safest because of their size you will also be accessible for targeting by the CIA and their extensive networks of agents and US apologists. Make no mistake in believing the CIA does not target US citizens it actively does so and uses a variety of resources and methods to discredit, terminate employment and will, as I found out even prevent legitimate citizenship bids. Those are just a few examples and once you accept asylum you are free game.
In my case even the US Ambassador Michael McFaul was used to fabricate a criminal prosecution to secure my extradition back to the US. That failed and Edward Snowden then appeared to completely muffle the media resonance my case was beginning to develop.
Those attempts continued until my employment was terminated and I was black-listed, my marriage was destroyed, my daughter taken away and then my son imprisoned.
Before all of that begun and multiple times during all of these events I asked for protection and there was none. You will be targeted and face officials who say things like “You are no Snowden” or “America is a normal country”. Do you really want that? Russia may play the role of competitor to the US but corrupt officials with lucre dependent on the US will make sure if you are a problem, you will be targetted.
12. Under Russian Law When You Accept Asylum you Renounce US Citizenship
This is the law but it does not help to protect you and does not guarantee you citizenship. Something I found out the hard way.
Asylum in Russia: The Benefits
They are not supposed to send you back to the US but if they want they can arrange it so you lose your status and they will do so.
Quotes by Officials I Hope You Never Hear
Here are just a few of the quotes I have had to deal with and should give you an idea of what you may face not only from FMS Officials but from people you may find yourself working with and people who may exploit your asylum status as happened to me in the Russian Government media:
We will do whatever we want to you and you can do nothing. What are you going to do? Go to the United Nations? – Oleg Dmitrev Rossiya Sevodnya
The staff are worried about their US visas so they cannot support your employment here - Olga O Voice of Russia
We did not want someone with asylum working for us but the Chairman forced us to accept you - Estelle Winters Voice of Russia
Stop calling about your articles or we will fabricate a criminal case against you! - Sergey Saenko Voice of Russia
You never were an announcer. Prove it! That organization no longer exists. On paper you were not even a writer. – Lawyer for Rossiya Sevodnya
We will look forward not back! (Upon my termination and requesting assistance in my citizenship bid. Just forget 20 years of service. Look forward)– Dmitry Kiselov Rossiya Sevodnya
You were poisoned? Prove it. – Sergey V
Your son was beaten by police? He was set up? Just forget your son! Don't make noise! It will not help you! - Sergey V
You will do what I want or you will be returned to the US on a special flight through the US Embassy. – Sergey V
Just give us your school and stop trying to get your pay or we will fabricate a criminal case against you. – Yura Salogub Ukrainian
Are you happy now? Good! Because now we will take everything you have! Including your family and even your son! – Natalia Surikova, Olga Dotsenko
You have to pay them 900.000 rubles for your citizenship and that of your children. - Alexander G FMS Deputy
We have orders that citizenship is not to be given to anyone with refugee status. – Inspector Igor N FMS
We do not need "citizens" like you. – Head of FMS
There you go with those nasty nazis again – Samuel McCulloch CIA
If you file for citizenship your refugee status will be revoked. – Inspector FMS Svetlana
What should I do? I can give you a rope. – Roman Donskoy FMS Director
Countries With No Extradition Treaty to US
You should plan in advance and choose a country most likely from this list. Afghanistan, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Burkina Faso, Burma, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cape Verde, the Central African Republic, Chad, China, Comoros, Congo (Kinshasa), Congo (Brazzaville), Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Madagascar, Maldives, Mali, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Micronesia, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Niger, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Rwanda, Samoa, São Tomé & Príncipe, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Vatican, Vietnam and Yemen with Iran and North Korea having no diplomatic relations whatsoever.
My closing piece of advice STAY SMALL.
If you found this article informative and useful please think about assisting the author who is desperately in need of your support. Protected content

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