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Your Epic Fails in translation (Moscow)

Hi all!
Want to share with you one funny story that happened to my expat friend.
So, he lives in Kiev. One Saturday morning, he was shopping for groceries at the neighborhood supermarket, and couldn't locate the eggs. Finally, he stopped a market employee - but couldn't remember the word for 'egg.' He knew that caviar - fish eggs - were ikra, though.
"Gde ikra dlya kuritsya?" (Where is the caviar from chickens?), he asked. The young woman was puzzled, then pointed him toward the fish counter.
"Nyet," he said in his poor Russian. "Ikra dlya kuritsya." And then he resorted to pantomime, moving his arms like chicken wings and clucking... then squawking and holding his hand between the knees, as though he'd just laid an imaginary egg!
When the poor woman stopped laughing, she took him by the hand and led him to the eggs, chicken variety!

So, has anyone else had any trouble while in the supermarket/farmacy/gas station/shopping mall/some other place while in Russia or other Russian-speaking country? Maybe you could share your story here! I think it would be interesting.

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