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11:11:11 (Mumbai)


Dear Members of this Civilization!

This is a Powerful date of Inter Dimensional Portal Opening for the entire human race - believers and non-believers, all shall be breathing the same Powerful Energy, however with different impacts. Its also a Full Moon night. May we all in our own way and space consciously connect with this Energy and allow an upgrade of our vibration to occur. I shall not endeavour to offer anymore information here as its not appropriate. Wisdom is earned through individual investment. Its Time Now to have found the way out of this 3D world of illusions and, the Universe on 11:11:11 supports our disposition to ascend from the maze of blindness and amnesia.

I wish all my brothers and sisters of the human race the very Best in returning to their Magnificence. Its not a Shift that shall be physically seen but intrinsically felt. May you feel the difference and look Light-er even to the human eye!


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