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Advice needed (Mumbai)

Hello everyone,

My name is Lottie and in Protected content moved to India for a year under the guidance of an educational charity, and worked as a social carer and English teacher in a blind school in Hyderabad. Since moving back last summer I miss India terribly and want to make it a goal to move back out there at the end of this year, and figured since I'm doing it alone that I should probably start organising it now.

I was wondering if anyone could offer some insight on how easy or difficult it is to move to India independently in terms of becoming an expat and finding a job? My field of work is communications and NGO and charity but have little insight as to what the possibilities are. It may be an impossible dream - but if I don't ask and start somewhere I'll never know.

I appreciate any help or insight you could possibly offer and perhaps your own personal stories as to how you've ended up in India. Thank you, and hopefully I'll be able to attend one of these meet ups by the end of the year!

Look forward to hearing from you all,


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