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Babulnath temple tour (Mumbai)

Learn all bout Hindu mythology while visiting two of the most magnificent temples in Mumbai.

A Protected content old majestic Shiva temple and a modern 30 year old Krishna temple. Two different worlds, but right next to each other! Why does Krishna have blue skin? Who is the woman shown in Shiva’s matted hair? Why do we ring bells in the temple? Find out the answers to all these questions and more!

If you would love to have the experience of making offerings yourself in a temple but
were worried about making mistakes, if you found it confusing to identify the Who’s who In the world of millions of Hindu Gods, this is your chance!!

Get in-depth knowledge about the customs of a Puja, very interesting mythological stories, and even know about the Hare Krishna movement.

visitors will also be given a table that will help you to easily identify the important Gods.
If you are an expat in India, you definitely can't afford to miss this lesson :-)

So don't miss this opportunity, register right away!!
visit happening on 23rd, 24th and 25th September morning. You could choose any date.

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