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Bollywood Hand-Made Paintings Online (Mumbai)


Indian Hippy is a collective of the last few remaining Bollywood movie poster & billboard artists in India who are committed to reviving hand painted Hindi film poster culture. Choose from our catalog of hand painted products & services such as customized/personalized hand painted Bollywood movie posters & old, vintage Bollywood movie posters – all painstakingly hand painted to perfection by acclaimed Bollywood movie poster artists in India.

Custom Hindi movie posters – i.e. Bollywood Film Poster of You!
Reproductions of old vintage Bollywood Movie / Hindi film posters
Celebrity Fan portraits
Super-sized hand painted stage backdrops for Bollywood-themed weddings & events
Hand painted wedding cards in Bollywood film poster style
Garage shutter mural painting
Wall mural painting for homes & commercial establishments
Large hand-painted billboards
Super-sized paintings/portraits
Indian Ethnic portraits

Do check out their vintage collection on: Protected content

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