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Books.. Books and Books! - EVENT (Mumbai)


So I haven't come across any events here - maybe because I am not a paid member. I was thinking of something to do for fun.

I know of this place in Matunga, where they have open air street vendors selling books. I am talking about ... like scores of these vendors with a wide variety of books on all subjects you can imagine. TONS AND TONS of books... all used / pre-read, so at uber cheap prices.

Also, I have heard, they have some pretty cool South Indian style vegetarian foods in local restaurants nearby. So after shopping we can just sit and talk, have a few non-alcoholic natural drinks, and healthy, fiber-rich, exceedingly cheap, home-made style foods to end the evening.

Its something fun to do, and if you like reading, saving money and enjoying a good meal for pennies, then you might enjoy it.

I am thinking some time in the evening of a weekday, like 6:30pm or so when the heat is a bit less.

If interested, post your reply to this thread, and we can collectively decide on a day, time and location to meet up.

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