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British Kids in Mumbai schools

Hi all, hope someone can help. we are moving to Mumbai early next year and i am looking at schools for my 4 and 6 year olds. My partner will be working for an Indian company and i am not interested in the American schools, but wondered if there are any british or european children in any of the Schools in Powai? I am struggling to ge any help from the schools directly and also don't understand why you can't visit the schools before you decide?
The nearest proper international school to Oberoi Internation l which looks great onthe website , but I would be grateful to know if anyone has reviews of it.
Plus -we are considering Powai as have heard more suitalbe for young families - what do people think - Is Bandra good for kids? My two go to a very good small village school so whereever we go will be a culture shock which we are totally up for, but am i right in thinking there are not many foreign chldren in Indian schools?

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