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Check ID's for expat only events! (Mumbai)


Couple of interesting posts in the past few weeks and numerous threads in the recent past point to a serious problem: local men and women treat internations more of a "expat" hunting ground (in the words of our honorable Ambassador Natalia).

I have attended a few events quite a while ago, the expat only events and yes there were quite a few locals.

This leads to a couple of issues:

1) The expats who were expecting an expat only event are disappointed. They have the option of the general event if they want to mingle with the locals, but when locals barge in to expat only events, some are hostile to even expats who might be citizens of other countries but are of south Asian ancestry.

Maybe the "terrorist" comment made on that consul guy happened because although an American citizen, being a south asian person caused a confusion that he was a local masquerading as an expat and ergo the hostile reaction.

2) Locals who sound and dress very Indian, glibly fill the form at the time of registration as citizen of "XYZ" country. They might have visited that country for tourism or temporary work. But THAT does not classify them as "citizens" or "residents" of that XYZ nation. Period! They are NOT expats!
Also the Russian and Ukranian chicks who show up with local sugar daddies at the expat only events. I suspect the profession of some of these women given the types of men they show up with. And these men may well assume that the other women in that event - work in the same line of "business", ergo the aggressive "hunting". This needs to be seriously discouraged!

Why not check ID's of people coming for expat only events, its simple. Dont even need a passport, or a greencard (residence permit) - a simple driver's license is enough. Or Just a simple state issued ID of the XYZ country the guest is claiming to be from. Every country marks drivers licenses differently for citizens and temporary visitors. in the US a work visa or student visa holder can get a driver's license, but it will clearly state in RED letters "temporary visitor, valid until so-and-so date". Easy to catch!

If this ID checking happens and we weed out the people not supposed to be there, I guarantee there are a lot of expats who will make it a point to attend the expat only events - such as myself and my friends.

I have yet to see North American (Canadian / American) or Western European women attend expat only events, its always a fest of Russian women and local Indian men. Kinda reallllllllllllllllyyyyy weird!

Really sick of it!

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