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Christmas Eve Party [BYOB] (Mumbai)

Hey all!

I have been toying with the idea of throwing a Christmas Party for a few weeks now, and after consulting a few brave minded here, I decided to go for it.

I know several of you will be back in your home countries celebrating Christmas with your family and friends. For those of you who can't due to work or other reasons, I felt it would be a great idea to connect and get together.

There are a few tentative venues in mind including Andheri West, but the party will most likely be in Malad West at my humble abode.

As mentioned int he above heading, its BYOB: Bring Your Own Booze party, so no worries in terms of Booze cost!

The particulars are not decided yet, so feel free to suggest.

I wish to keep it fun, interactive and full of energy !

(expect some loud music and disco balls XD)

Please share your thoughts on this (either here or private message me)

PS: If I had a choice I would get everyone on board, but we have to be realistic in terms of space , budget etc. So I will be sharing the final address to a shortlist of those who are genuinely interested, and are up for an adventure :)


Papri Das

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