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Come on, play by the rules! (Mumbai)


Dear all,

to make InterNations an enjoyable networking community and platform for everyone involved, we’ll all need to stick to some rules of common courtesy. Because we have received an increasing number of complaints recently, this is a reminder of these rules – and also a reminder that those who don’t play according to the rules won’t be allowed to play at all anymore.

Let’s keep it simple and straightforward:

- InterNations is NOT A DATING WEBSITE: Don’t contact members you don’t know on the platform, especially not female members; not even for “just friendship”.
- NOR are InterNations get-togethers DATING EVENTS: Don’t hog members you don’t know, especially not female members, during the InterNations events. Respect when someone does not want to interact with you; be respectful enough to take a hint, as in many expat cultures it is impolite to ask you to your face to leave.
- InterNations is also NOT a FREE MARKETING platform for your business: The forum is not a tool for you to promote your business for free; nor are the events a sales opportunity for you with the international community (hint: here are the forum guidelines). It’s ok to talk about the job – it’s not ok trying to sell your business or product in an environment that is supposed to be relaxing and where other people let their guard down.

- Contact others IF (and only if) YOU KNOW them personally or have a personal and specific interest in them, e.g. you request a specific information from a local scout, a fellow countryman, your ambassador, etc.
- Be RESPECTFUL: In a lot of expat cultures, privacy is cherished and restraint is expected in a social setting where you mingle with lots of new people. InterNations is supposed to be interactive and communicative – but let’s make sure that everyone feels comfortable about the way we go about that.
- SHARE YOUR ISSUES and complaints with us: We can’t be everywhere at once, and of course we don’t know what’s going on in the private message section of the website. So TELL US! You can always report unwanted messages to the InterNations quality assurance by clicking on “Report Abuse” at the end of the message. If you feel that’s too much – tell us, your ambassadors. The same is true for inappropriate behavior at an event. Someone makes you feel uncomfortable? Someone won’t leave you alone? We want to know, because we do have ways to warn off or even exclude people from InterNations if they don’t behave – making it a more fun and save community for everyone. It goes without saying that every complaint you share with us is confidential.

Let’s make InterNations a fun and sociable network and platform for everyone!

Kind regards,
Natalia and Franziska, your Mumbai Ambassadors

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