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Concerned for an American Citizen (Mumbai)

Hello fellow expats!

I write this with a heavy heart.. I have never been in such a situation and would never know how to handle if I were.

A fellow American girl is staying in Mumbai, she was married to an Indian, after coming here 8 months or so ago..he recently kicked her out of her home, got her fired from her job and now she is stranded with nothing or no one.. she has no family back in the US to help as her mother is deceased.. (I did some verifying before even trying to help) she is struggling here in Mumbai to find a job and she has less than 20,000 INR in her account as he has taken all of her money.. she has gone to the US Consulate but there is little they can do to help. She has no job, no place to live and barely enough to survive for food.. she is an intelligent and well educated girl and it breaks my heart to see someone suffer especially in another country where they have absolutely no one.

I am not asking for a donation.. I am just asking for advice on how I can help this girl as I myself am new to Mumbai and know of zero resources.

Thank you!

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