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Considering a position with my company in Mumbai

Greetings, while I have been to Mumbai many times when I worked for PayPal/eBay, my current company, speak at NASSCOM, and to do some work with law enforcement across India, I have never researched living in Mumbai.

The opportunity is amazing and Mumbai would be my home base but I'd travel a lot to Africa and across Asia. I would have my amazing wife with me as well so I have to ensure I do this right. :)

1. First and foremost we have a Jack Russell Terrier named Rowdy. I am wondering does anyone know anything about bringing a dog with them? Does it make finding top shelf housing harder or impossible? Not being able to bring Rowdy with us is a deal breaker.

2. Do Expats from various countries tend to move to the same areas or is it a general mix of nationalities based on cost, needs and location to the office?

3. Honesty check time :) does anyone regret moving to Mumbai? I love the city I mean I am completely in love with it but staying at the Taj Palace for a month here and there is much different than living there.

4. What do you know now, that you didn't know when you moved, that you wish you had known? Would you do anything different?

Ok that looks like a good start I am looking forward to some advice from those who have been there done that and have taken time to reflect on their decisions and what they did right and wrong.

Sorry if the questions are odd... I am looking for those kinds of answers that get to the root of the issue.

Very respectfully,


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