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Crime against women (Mumbai)


Airtel India; Vodafone India; Idea; Reliance Mobile; Tata Docomo; Aircel India; Kapil Sibal; Telecom Regulatory Authority of India; Prime Minister of India; Sonia Gandhi: Here is a simple idea that will go a long way towards protecting women. Can we have a service which allows you to send out a SOS kind of message at the press of a single button? This SMS can go to five numbers chosen by the user. In addition, pressing of this "Panic button" can also result in phone calls going to the nearest police station/s (tracked using the location of the Cell Phone) and/or a special cell created for these emergencies? I believe that the government/TRAI should make this a mandatory service to be provided by all telecom companies. I am sure the impact this will have on preventing a crime or early intervention would be massive. I urge all my friends to share this post and bring some pressure on the telecom companies as well as the government of India.

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