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Haji Ali/ Mahalaxmi visit for Expats (Mumbai)

If you have always passed by the Haji Ali durgah thinking "One day I must visit it!" Well here's your chance! Don't miss, register right away!!

A tomb of a Muslim saint and the most important Laxmi temple in Mumbai. Two different worlds, but right next to each other!

Who was Peer Haji Ali and why was his mausoleum constructed in the middle of the sea? Why is Goddess Laxmi seated on a Lotus? Did you know that in fact there are 8 types of Laxmi, not just Laxmi as the Goddess of material wealth?

Find out the answers to all these questions on the Expat special Haji Ali/ Mahalaxmi visit (1.5 hours) organised by The Indian Perspective on 2, 3 and 6 October.

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