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How India has changed you? (Mumbai)

Hi all.
Being on the verge of falling out from habitual discussions pattern here (which, seemingly, mostly pertains to philistine matters of daily chores blended with a range of no lesser selfish tries to promote "a business"), i still would like to pose a question of, well, an abstract nature:
Have you been changed by India? if so - then in what way?
The question implies something more profound than mumble references to "friends", "sightseeing" and "get-togethers".
- If not being able to replace a friend in an airplane's seat destined to crash, then such a narrate is a reflection of circumstances allowing to keep the beast inside calm. ) Civilization is only six thousands years old, and in below of this thin layer there are lakhs of years of pitchdark bestiality, and we all know that.
- mentioning of picturesque locations...switch it on to National Geographic or put a jamaica t-shirt on (a garland may join the scene too) - you are a tiurist and may receive most sincere congratulations for the same.
- get-togethers...leave it. Extraneous foreign particles you are in society and, knowing that, try to find mental reference points for the ego to move it on. Compare such a dinner with a patriarchal-type dinner in a hardcore village where several generations seat all together across the table, and you will understand the difference.

The question, however, is:
what is India for you, did it change you and are you wanting to tie the knot with this country for the rest of your life?

1. the author of the above-said spent here a slightly more than six years
2. inconvenience for one's vulnerable feelings occurred, if any, is regretted and not has been intended for )

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