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"Hunters" and how to deal with them :-) (Mumbai)

I receive regular complaints on gentlemen approaching you on Internations, never lived/ been abroad, looking for attention of foreign girls, some are even married, still MBA ("married but available"), as we call them - 'hunters'. Most of our members are decent, interesting guys, I have many male friends on IN! Unfortunately there are exceptions from the rule. And lately we have more and more such unwanted exceptions, so I felt we should address the issue.
I can't fight it alone, I need your help. These guys will not approach me in most cases, though I'm also woman, but I'm Ambassador, they have some sense of cautious. But they approach you. What to do:
1. If you receive contact request from guy, who already have 50 girls and 2 guys in his contact list - well, food for thoughts, if you want to be #51 :-)
2. If you receive twinkles, it doesn't oblige you to anything. In most cases, it's trying luck. Sensible person will write clear message what exactly he is suggesting/ wants from you. Twinkle is good when old friend reminds you that you haven't met for a while, for example.
3. If person is writing you continuously and in invasive way, please report (button "Report" on the right top of the message) - you will make life of other girls so much easier! Internations head office takes it in really serious and confidential manner. Your name won't be disclosed anywhere. Few complaints on the same person, he will be banned from Internations. Next generation of ladies on Internations will say you big thank you.
4. Most of "hunters" are hunting in writing, not so much openly on events. But in unlikely case of misbehaving/ trying to be too close on event, please report immediately to Ambassador, hosting the party. We will take polite but effective actions. (it's quite rare case, for my 4 years of Ambassadorship it happened only once, couple of years ago, but still).
5. If somebody is inviting you for coffee/drink/ dinner, and you are not sure if you want to see that person in private, easy solution - suggest to meet on next Internations event. Face to face it's easy to decide if you want to continue communication with that person or not. If yes, you found new good friend or maybe even love of your life. If not, there will be the whole crowd of other interesting people around you :-)

Once again, I'm stressing that most of our male members are decent, interesting personalities. My post is aiming on exceptions.

Wish everybody nice day,

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