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Indian Room service with a twist! (Mumbai)

Just put this review on trip advisor after an insane 20 minutes on the phone with room service.

How to order Chicken Tikka”

Check in and room reasonable. However, Room service was simply out of this world. After ordering my chicken tikka, I was called back within a minute to have chicken tandoori shouted down the phone at me, I explained again patiently that I had ordered chicken Tikka and hung up.....Within 10 seconds I got another call from someone else who was insisting I take a completely different meal!! After a severe argument, the phone rang again and again. I got no less that 15 calls in 10 minutes most of which ended in me screaming "*******g Chicken Tikka you idiots!!" Enough was enough I decided to go to the kitchen and sort out this incompetence in person when the 16th call came through with an american guest in another room trying to place an order with room service with me......then the penny dropped.......after I placed my order with room service, your switchboard somehow changed my number to that of room I have been screaming "chicken tikka" at 15 of your guests who were simply trying to place an order only to be confronted with me threatening them with chicken tikka.....I gave up trying to explain this to the waiter who gave a smile and waggle of his head and pulled the wire out and enjoyed my bloody chicken tikka while replaying all the insane conversations with all of your guests in my head. Thanks for a memorable stay, I kept a low profile at breakfast, kind regards, Neil Nagarkar
Stayed October Protected content .

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