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Infant and child nutrition (Mumbai)


Hey guys,
Monsoon is here. With it come new challenges to your loved young ones. Medicines can help, but we know the side effects.

I personally believe in making one's body strong from within, vis a vis its immunity to be able to fend off all disease and infections.

Lets face it, we don't get good quality pre-prepared infant and children's foods in Mumbai. If you do get Gerber at a local store, you are not sure if it is authentic or a Made in China rip off or at best if its "Best before" dates have not been tampered with.

And it isn't easy to prepare fresh meals everyday for our kids which cover the gamut of different protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, etc that are essential for them.

The US federally approved food pyramid is something we all aspire to, but seldom are able to follow. And it is even more sad if we can't provide the right nutrition to our beloved children!

We are parents ourselves, and we got tired of looking for the perfect off the shelf solution. So we sat down with our doctor and nutritionist friends, and with our own considerable experience in the field of pediatrics developed our own infant and children's food.

We make it ourselves in our home, we are a small operation. We hand pick everything, and we are crazy about sanitation and quality.

We use ABSOLUTELY no chemicals or preservatives. We buy fresh meat and vegetables from the market. We cook using super high temperature pressure cooker, which not only tenderizes the food and make it easier for delicate palates of children, but kill germs and also the faster cooking time preserves the nutritive elements of the food!

We started feeding our 1 year old (now) this food that we make when he was 8 months old, his growth just took off. Imagine being at the 54th percentile and then ... just jumping off the chart = well above the 100th percentile. And we are not kidding, you are welcome to meet our bundle of joy and see for yourself!

And even though he moved to India at the age of a few months, he hasn't fallen sick for a single day. No coughs or colds, no tummy aches, no fever. Just happy, healthy baby with loads of energy and laughter.

Why don't you check us out at facebook?

search for "Thor InfantNutrition" (Please type it exactly like this).

By the way, we made a fresh batch of food today. The strike made it a bit hard to get all the foods we wanted to add to this blend, but even then we made do with 36 DIFFERENT AND DISTINCT INGREDIENTS! Among them : meats, EVOO, cheeses, nuts and raisins and dates, more than 2 dozen types of vegetables, etc..

Well, what are you waiting for? Go to our face book page and contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. :)

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