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"INFINITUM" - Workshop in HYPNOTHERAPY (Mumbai)

Krafeteria presents “INFINITUM” – a workshop in SELF HYPNOSIS & HYPNOTHERAPY, which is part of the Professional Series of workshops organised by us. We take great pleasure in introducing one of the most sought after Hypnotists of our times...


“The Human subconscious is very powerful, and whatever thoughts we feed in are automatically executed by our subconscious.”

Dr. Sajan Galani is a member of the “Hypnosis International Board of Registration” and Certified Hypnotherapist by “Hypnodyne Foundation, USA.”

An educator, hypnotist, successful entrepreneur and a peak performance consultant to many organizations, individuals and professional sports teams, Dr. Galani inspires and informs people, helping them to realize their true potential through Hypnotherapy. According to him, Hypnotism is a mind control session to reach out to the sub-conscious, address issues and give positive suggestions to the subjects. A wonderful human being, this veteran has taken his dynamic personal messages all over the country and across borders as well. His practical approach coupled with common sense and deeply held beliefs have motivated countless thousands to re-evaluate their attitudes and approaches to life. His understanding of the subject and vast experience has helped people on the path of personal growth and fulfilment.

"INFINITUM" - Workshop Details

DATE: 1st – 2nd October Protected content
TIME: 9:30am – 5:30pm

VENUE: “PRESTIGE” – Banquet Hall
Hotel Privilege Inn, Opp Shakti Ford Showroom,
Near InOrbit Mall, Goregaon –Malad Link Road,
Malad (W) Mumbai Protected content .

“Hypnosis is a form of deep relaxation which includes the “alpha” state in the brain. As it has been scientifically proven, that effective healing of both mind and body, must take place at the “alpha” level. Hypnotherapists are people who have acquired the necessary knowledge and training to induce this alpha state into other people."

Two days that will change your life forever and for the better! Learn the art of deep relaxation through self hypnosis and mind-control.

Topics covered:
1.) Self Hypnosis
2.) Goal Achievement through Hypnosis
3.) Anaesthesia through Hypnosis
4.) Miracle-Manifestation in 7 Days
5.) Self healing by Imagery
6.) Magnetic Passes

Hypnotherapy has proven to be a successful practice in curing every issue from different types of psycho-somatic problems to improving performance and abilities of a person.

• Enhance learning, ESP and mind power / Experience the power of your mind by tuning in our planet's rejuvenating frequency of 7.83 Hz - the Schumann Resonance to help relieve stress, accelerate healing and strengthen your immune system.

• Become aware of new opportunities in your life - increase perception and awareness by building new neural pathways in your brain with cutting edge brainwave entrainment and binaural beats

• Discover revolutionary ways of improving your life by pre-programming your dreams

• Learn all the secrets of the full technique - use it to build self confidence, attract financial abundance, love, feel happier and more...

Hypnotherapy has been clinically accepted and is being practised to help many people in the areas of:

Developing Confidence and Will Power
Increasing Self Esteem
Enhancing Performance
Curing Insomnia and other Sleep Disorders
Curing Speech Disorders (Like Stammering)
Controlling Habits, Obsessions and Compulsions.
Relieving Stress & Psycho-Somatic Problems
Removing Depression and Anxiety
Eliminating Fears and Phobias
Controlling Pain
Rectifying Eating Disorders
Solving Sexual Problems

COST: Rs. Protected content -
Inclusive of: Course material, Lunch, Morning & Evening Tea / Coffee / Refreshments


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