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Looking for a local friend :-) (Mumbai)

Part 1,
Dear friends of Mumbai InterNations community,
I will be travelling in India during 22th,Sep till 10th, Oct. I have a friend's mom living in Delhi, but since I also would like to visit Mumbai this time,so I am wondering if there's anybody kindly enough to show me around the city and be kind of tour guide for me. ( I mean as a friend since I also want to make some local freinds there. good people, interesting, maybe local or no local as long as you know this city well enough).
I would also like to try the nightlife in India, esp like the big cities such like Mumbai, Delhi if they ever got a lady go inside the bar :-P etc.

Pls rise up your friendly hands and give me a volunteer or simply leave me your suggestion/ anything supportive!

Thank you very much and look forward to hearing from one of you !

Linda Zhang ( Beijing, China)

Part 2
Dear friends in Mumbai,
Hey! I'm very glad to got some of your kind reply in such a quick. first, 非常感谢 ( Thank u very much in Chinese) Akshay S and Anamika Paul for there first hands rise up ! I will be more than happy to meet you and be friends and have a good time together in Mumbai.

One thing I have to notice to everyone here since I am only the basic member in InterNations, so it's only allow me to have 5 msgs per month by communicate messages. That's why I'm sorry perhaps I am not be able to reply each of of your msg individually in sooner or later.

But you can always reach me by my personal contacts: Protected content for MSN / Protected content for email. I can catch up with you guys after work.

I am not sure if it's easy for me to get a local cell number when I am get to India. but I guess my friend's mom will be help me out with that. and I will have to call you.

It seems like I've already got a very good expression of Mumbai and the people here, I'm sure your presence for me will be a historic memory during this trip in my life!

Thanks to you all, again ! :-)

Cheers. Linda

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