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Meeting other journalists (Mumbai)


I was looking to meet and interact with Journalists (print/online/broadcast) that are part of Internations. Both working in Indian and International News agencies.

Am posting this in a thread so that I don’t have to personally message anyone since many a time that comes across as a proposition for a ‘date’ and ‘creepy’. :-)

As far as I am concerned, in a nutshell, I'm into making Humour videos for YouTube, freelancing and stand up comedy.

Back when I was working for The Independent in Dhaka, they had a pretty strong Foreign Journalists Club there, and we used to end up sharing some interesting stories whenever we met.

All those interested in meeting/connecting can post here or message me, and we can set something up.

Or of course if there already are any clubs like these, if you could tell me about them.
Looking forward to meeting all of you out there.


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