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Must watch US congressional hearing on Pak terror (Mumbai)

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The shift in US policy over India has been apparent. We find ourselves to be natural allies and we identify more and more reasons for co-operation, especially in the face of insane terrorism from fundamentalist Islamic states and belligerence from totalitarian despotic states like China and North Korea.

These rogue states have a complete disregard for international law, as evinced by the top Chinese leadership to the recent ruling by the Hague international court vis a vis the South China sea.

Pakistan, Turkey are the new axis of evil, as both states have strong men (Raheel Sharif and Esek Ergodan) who have debilitated the social structure to the extent that schools are being replaced by Wahabi madrassas funded by Saudi Arabia.

It is good to see the Indian state is taking a stand against one more virulent preacher of Violence Zakir Naik.

Power to US!
Power to India!

Power to democracy and freedom!

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