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My condolences (Mumbai)


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I feel sorry for Erdogan, Nawaz Sharief - Raheel Sharif, and the lot.
My condolences to them. ROFL!!

And here Erdogan was just tightening the screw for passport only travel for his Mullah Militia across EU. FOILED!??!

UK left EU because of the middle eastern carnage in Europe. Americans Elected probably the most "colorful" president ever again because of the middle easterns. Indians elected Modi with "colorful" credentials during the Gujrat riots... again because of the middle easterns.

The free people of the world are gearing up in the face of the middle eastern menace.

But hey, things gotta change.

Trump is going to change the dynamics.... if you are not a white American, it may not be good for you. While that is deplorable, it is a easy trade off to halt the middle eastern menace.

I am welcoming this victory, because at least now I will know there is some one high up who will prevent Irvine or Mumbai style shoot outs.

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