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New to mumbaii. Questions on house, rental (Mumbai)

Hi!! I am RIti. i will be moving to Mumbai in a months time from US. I have been in India as in gurgaon but Mumbai is a total new concept for me. I am more intrested in knowing about schools and admission .can someone guide me about it. Whre i would be staying is a big question. But i know my husband will be working in lowerparel area and hence we would be loking for a house nearer tothat palce.. He hates travelling now though he had been used to staying in US. But still .. I lookd the map but i dont know where to lok for houses... Can u also guide me to nearby places where the schools are good... So i can look from a few sites as to a place to live...? One last question... Is there someway we can rent a car in mumbai for a month or so? How much does that cost? And where can i book in online?

I am scared.. This place is new andthe culture i have heard is also different from what i am used to as.

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