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Hi all,

Papri Das here, Reporter for ITV and just moved to Mumbai from Chennai this Sunday.
I am currently staying at a shady but cheap place temporarily near Oshiwara. Me and my friend William (who is from the US) plan to rent a 2BHK latest by May 1st.

When I asked around for the property details, I was appalled that they have issues about letting a single guy and girl rent a place together even in a modern city like Mumbai.
So I am turning to the expat community for help.

My housing requirements are as follows.
2BHK, Atleast Protected content ft, preferably within 25 K to 27K, and maximum 30K. Furnished.
Anywhere on the Western Railway line, or within 8 km from Oshiwara Bus Depot (even on the eastern side).

If anyone has any leads to such an apartment which is fairly liberal, do let me know please.
email: Protected content
Ph No: Protected content

(I don't mind agents as long as its within our budget)


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