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One day Graphology Workshop (Mumbai)

He waxed eloquent about how much he loved her.
But she could see through his lie.

Through the letter ‘o’. Yes, the lower case letter ‘o’ can reveal a lot.
The single loop suggests a person who can keep small secrets. And, may tell you little white lies.
But when you see double loops, they indicate a person who tends to lie a lot. Use tremendous caution while dealing with this person.

Yes, every stroke of your writing has a story to tell. Handwriting analysis can be a tool used in your own personal growth, evaluating compatibility in a relationship, recruiting a prospective employee, counselling and even used by forensic investigators.

Wouldn’t you want to be armed with this knowledge?

If yes, join Learn Graphology with Ease Course.

Date: Saturday, May Protected content
Venue: Suba Galaxy Andheri West
Duration: 9.30 am – 6 pm

For more details, contact Farzana at Protected content or call Protected content

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