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Pali Hills or Hiranandani Gardens? (Mumbai)

New to the community - First post and Hello all!

My wife and I are moving from the US to Mumbai in the next couple months due to my work. She is from Northern India but spent her adult life in the US.

I am trying to decide between relocating to Pali Hills or Hiranandani Gardens in Mumbai - simply because everyone I have spoken to has stated those are the places to be.

Cost is not really an issue as the company is picking up the majority of the living expenses, I am more concerned with quality of living. Comforts, Conveniences etc.. We have no children, but we do have a small puppy.

I have been to India before on brief trips, and I know it can be quite an adjustment to life elsewhere in the world, so a little slice of sanctuary is quite frankly the most important.

Any thoughts?

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