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Pay Rs 150 and pamper your feet with Fish Pedicure (Mumbai)

Elite Fish Pedicure

There's no denying that the fish spa is the latest fad in the world, especially after seeing its innumerable benefits. This fish pedicure and skin treatment facilities are becoming more and more popular and there's nothing to worry, as these fishes don't have teeth. Fish pedicure is indeed a different experience and it is safe and enjoyable. According to the experts, fish pedicure is a very enjoyable process and you feel only a loving tingling sensation. Before you enter the tank, we ensure your feet are thoroughly washed. Once this is done, dangle your feet inside the tank, so that the fish can nibble them. During this painless process, fishes eat the dead skin. Though there are various benefits, but the biggest of all is the result. The feet are the most exposed part of the body. With
a fish pedicure the feet are well hydrated and gain a fresh, soft and supple look. Fish pedicure is also known to soften the feet as well as removing stubborn calluses. Many view the fish pedicures as a relaxing massage. If we talk about the benefits, fish pedicure not only aids in relaxation and increases the blood circulation; it also relieves fatigue and stress. And that too without any pain! During the process, all the safety measures are taken care and your feet are checked for wounds to prevent any contagious infections. Getting fish pedicure at Elite Fish Pedicure means you won't be at risk as the water is changed everyday, anti bacterials are placed in the water and the tank, fishes are medicated daily and proper hygiene is maintained. Elite Fish Pedicure gives you the experience which will help you relax and enjoy the feeling. So come relax and rejuvenate and feel the difference.

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