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Portrait photography workshop, Sunday 22 September (Mumbai)

Hey guys, this is a beginner's guide to lighting techniques used in portrait photography. This is a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with lights and lighting techniques such as Split, Butterfly, Rembrandt, Loop, Broad and Short etc.

No prior knowledge about studio photography or lighting is essential to participate in this workshop.

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How will you benefit from this workshop?

* Understand what makes a GOOD PORTRAIT

* Understand how INDOOR LIGHTING works and learn setups such as SPLIT, LOOP, BUTTERFLY, SHORT, BROAD & REMBRANDT etc.; all favourites of HOLLYWOOD & BOLLYWOOD

* Understand how to sync studio lights with your camera using WIRELESS TRIGGERS

* Understand and use LIGHT METERS

* Understand the role of WHITE, GOLD and SILVER reflectors in photography

* Use REFLECTORS in studio and natural light

* Process and edit RAW files

There will be a demonstration on how to set up a part-time portrait and product photo studio in your living room using a system of wireless flashguns at minimum cost.

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