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Position Open: Marketing Manager Player Conversion (Mumbai)


Games 24x7 is the first online company to bring games of skill with cash prizes to the large, yet under-served Indian market in a fun, light-hearted and friendly setting. India’s rich history and culture of games and the rapid growth of the Internet has presented us with a unique opportunity – the opportunity to bring to people across India games they have always loved and enjoyed, but don’t necessarily find the time or the friends to play with anymore. Competition, the joy of success and social connectivity form the backbone of our product.

We kicked off this ambitious journey in Protected content India’s most popular card game – Rummy. Today, we are India’s largest online rummy site and millions of players visit us every month to play for free and for cash prizes.

Games 24x7 is led by a management team with deep experience in consumer marketing, gaming, gaming technology as well as starting and building businesses from the ground up. We are funded jointly by venture capitalists and a hedge fund that has made significant investments in the past in some of the most successful Internet companies in India.

The Games 24x7 Ethos

At Games24x7 we are passionate about one and only one thing - providing the best possible playing experience to our players. We take immense pride in our work and believe that the best way to serve our players is by listening to them. We listen to the sound of every click that our players make or don’t make when they are with us. We believe very strongly in experimenting, but in the true spirit of experiments, we insist that every new idea be either backed by data or be eventually provable by data.

Every experiment has at its genesis an idea. The Games 24x7 idea hierarchy is flat and new ideas can come from anywhere, but every idea goes through the same process – vigorous debate, arguments, data validation, and every so often, from this grueling yet immensely satisfying process comes one addition to our product, operating or marketing strategy. This is the essence of life at Games 24x7.

The Games24x7 Team Member

If you have boundless energy, are bubbling with bright ideas, are extremely hard working and have no problems taking a hands-on approach to your work, we are the right destination for you. While we value tremendously problem solving skills, we value even more problem finding skills. People who have risen the fastest in our company are those that have a keen eye for detecting critical business problems and then solving them. The Games 24x7 work atmosphere is very amiable, and at the same time always charged with excitement. The dynamic nature of our business ensures that all our team members are able to see how their contributions benefit the business. We encourage our team members to take responsibility and grow into future leaders in our company and the industry. Our best team members are rewarded with stock options and are invited to join the core decision making team.

Marketing Manager Player Conversions plays a key role in the player life cycle. The Marketing Manager will have end to end responsibility for converting new visitors and existing free players to cash players. The Marketing Manager will have a deep understanding of the online consumer, which will translate into an overall player communication strategy. The tools employed to implement this strategy will be a mix of website based, email based and SMS based communication with players using state of the art systems including some of our proprietary cutting edge tools. In line with the overall ethos of the company, the Marketing Manager will base their decisions on consumer insights drawn through comprehensive and rigorous data analysis of various player segments.

Marketing Manager (MM)

* MM should have a very deep understanding of the online consumer and use those insights to design an overall player communication strategy.
* MM should be very analytical and should be able to meticulously setup experiments, monitor data and derive insights, and further leverage those insights to improve efficiency in paid conversions.
* MM should possess excellent customer segmentation skills and should be able to drive conversions for a very diverse customer base.
* MM should be able to identify effectiveness of messages on various communication channels. Based on the performance, should take appropriate decisions in terms of scaling and downgrading messages to optimize campaigns.
* MM is someone who possesses excellent communication skills and an exceptional command over the English language both written and oral.
* Someone who has an eye for detail, website's usability and user-friendliness in mind while making new changes to content.
* A problem finder and a solution seeker with strong interpersonal skills, project management skills and team motivation skills to drive business objectives on time and within budgets.
* Should have the required skill set to build and lead a team as the business grows.

Responsibilities of MM:

MM should work closely with Product & Design team to understand the path of a user from the time the user lands on the landing page till the time the user converts to a paid player and devise communication messages to aid conversions. MM should be able to leverage three broad channels of communication to drive conversions:
1.Landing pages.
2.Targeted internal messaging system.
3.Email and SMS marketing systems.

1.Landing Pages – MM will work closely with product, design and technology team to create new landing pages.

* Come up with new ideas for landing page optimization for online marketing campaigns.
* Work with technology team and designers to get new landing page up and running.
* Set-up experiments, learn and optimize further to improve conversions i.e. bounce rate, registration rate and paid conversion rate metrics.

2.Targeted internal messaging system – Use the proprietary Games24x7 player messaging system to target players with highly personalized communication.

* MM should be able to draw a plan for time, frequency, audience segments etc. to drive various business objectives like: Paid conversions, friend referrals, repeat usage etc.

3.Email and SMS Marketing - MM will be responsible for the email marketing metrics like: Revenue/Email, Cost/Paid Conversion, CTR, Open Rates etc.

* Work with Asst. Marketing Manager (MM) to draw Time, Frequency, Audience-Segment plans and calendars for continuous email communication for driving conversions and retention.
* MM will be responsible for the correctness and accuracy of content and all links in the emails.
* Work with Asst. MM to deploy best practices and new techniques in Email marketing.
* Work with Asst. MM to deploy new tactical plans to test new subject lines, run A/B tests on content and links for density and positions etc.
* Work with Asst. MM to creatively driving website traffic through SMS marketing as well as leverage it for reminders and information dissemination.
* Work with Asst. MM Meticulous planning of Time, Frequency and Audience-Segments for SMS based communication to drive actions amongst audience and measure the effect of the same on conversions and traffic.

What skills should MM possess?

MM is a very important position at and the MM will be working closely with the Top management of the company.

* MM should be a graduate from engineering, economics/finance or marketing background.
* A post graduate degree/diploma in marketing, e-commerce, business management is a plus.
* Experience in website analytics for campaign optimization to drive performance marketing.
* MM should have Protected content of experience out of which at least 3 years should be in Website Marketing / e-commerce / Content writing / Online Marketing / Email Marketing / Social Media / Community marketing etc.
* Should have executed few end-to-end online marketing campaigns, and been a major contributor to overall strategy.
* Should be very comfortable working with large consumer data sets and concepts like segmentation.
* Excellent oral and writing skills.
* Someone who is a savvy online person and is active on Social Networks, Blogs and keeps a track of latest happenings in the online world.

To apply visit this link on Linkedin: Protected content

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