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Pulse diagnosis consultation with Ayurveda doctor (Mumbai)

Every individual ‘s body constitution is unique in many ways, and Ayurveda has the technique of pulse diagnosis which can effectively capture all imbalances in the body just by touching the pulse point.

We have invited one of the country’s most experienced Ayurveda doctors, Dr Santosh Kadam, to take time out for our clients and offer his services to give each participant individual recommendations after checking their pulse. I have personally seen him detect people’s sugar levels, cysts, depression, hypertension, etc just by checking their pulse, without using any machines!!

Dr Kadam is often abroad for his health camps, and after a long time we have managed to get this check-up session organised with him, so do not miss the opportunity!

Even those who are perfectly healthy can benefit by learning about their body type and the right food/ exercise for them.

Date: Friday, 7th december from 3:40 pm – 7:40 pm
Please book your appointments in advance. Each individual gets a slot of Protected content with the doctor for the consultation.

Venue : A residence near Mahim west station (just a little further south from Bandra). Details will be sent to participants.

Donation: Rs Protected content person

All proceeds go to charity projects of The Art of Living ( Protected content / Protected content

For registrations & enquiries : Protected content

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