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Shopping from US made easy!! (Mumbai)


hey Guys,
You like shopping in the US ? Enjoy the quality and prices? But has the shipping cost and customs charges made it prohibitively expensive?
We have the answer!!

We are a freight forwarding company, that has been serving Europe, Australia, South Asia for nearly a decade.
We are excited to come to India.
If you like US quality and prices, we facilitate your shopping experience with American websites with warehouse and shipping facilities.

Go ahead, shop at all the US online stores you want!! Please see a the bottom for a list of US websites which offer great deals. You buy from them directly with your Visa / Mastercard / PayPal.

1) We give you a US Shipping address to our warehouse to have your purchases delivered.
2) In our Warehouse, you get your own storage space where your packages are stored.
3) As your orders come in, our team inspects the packages for damage, and we inform you so you can return / replace with the seller.
4) We will hold your packages until you are done shopping and tell us to ship.
5) We will open the packages, get rid of the extraneous packing material (and thus save you shipping weight and cost) and repack everything in one box as mandated by federal guidelines with markings for fragile, etc.
6) We ship with DHL international
7) And the best part? We ask you to fill the customs form - this avoids over charges and confusion. We ensure your package gets priority clearance at customs in India.
8) We call you to pick up your package in Mumbai.
9) If you want delivery to your location (any other city than Mumbai) then there is an extra charge for Bluedart courier service to do that.
10) You pay us AFTER you get your package.

We charge a flat rate of INR Protected content kilo for packages from US to Mumbai. No other charges. Registration is free. Your storage space is for free, your package inspection, repackaging, customs clearance, everything is free!

And as an introductory offer, if you email us - we offer the rate INR Protected content kilo for orders placed on or before 2/24/2017!!

Thats not all!
When you register you get a chance to win an iPad / MacBook or laptop and other high end prices. You increase your number of entries by shipping more and giving us referrals.

If your referral ships within the draw period, then you get an additional entry to the lucky draw!!

YouTube Video explaining the advantage:
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Our website:
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Indian Phone: Protected content
US Phone: Protected content

US Shopping sites:

Discounts and deals :

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Clothes, watches, shoes
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will need a VPN in your browser to mask your IP to an

American one)

Electronics and appliances
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w Protected content

Cheers and Happy Shopping!!

The USA to You - India Team!!!

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