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Social conciousness legal action + money (Mumbai)


I work with Medical devices, I have served in positions of executive level leadership in fortune Protected content device companies, presently work as a Vice president for a US medical device company, own a Medical device start up in the EU and provide knowledge based consulting to investment companies in the US.

A Medical device is one that meets or exceeds FDA / EMA regulations for quality ISO Protected content , risk ISO Protected content Usability AAMI HE75:2009

In India you have no such standards.

I purchased a BP monitor for my family members, one from Omron, which was completely out of whack. It gave readings of Protected content BP for a 74 year old hypertension / cardiac patient. We rushed him to the ER to discover the BP monitor was garbage. We performed controlled comparative tests to confirm that it was indeed garbage. I have already created the grounds for a massive legal case against Omron, but I want to raise awareness about this issue among Indian people.

A high profile legal case with media coverage can address the lassitude of the Government in regulating medical devices. Do you not value the lives of your family members?

I am way too busy to run this in India, given I live in the EU. I need a partner to run with this. I will provide the technical and regulatory expertise, I need some one with legal expertise : to run with this.

I need pro-active, informed, powerful executive capability. The monetary compensation will be there. You will partake in the settlement from Omron.

And you get media coverage and better your own society.

Anyone wants to collaborate?

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