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sticky fingers (Mumbai)

I am really really sick of 50% of all my packages not even reaching me. Indian postal service is like a black hole, the tracking information updates till the packages enter India, then it has "no further information"

And those that do get through have 42% customs duty charged on it....

I went to the local post office, and the people there look up the tracking info on the computer and tell me there is no information. That I cannot file a complaint, the sender should file the complaint. But guess what, I am the buyer who paid for the shipping... so its my pain, not the sender's.

And I do not have the time or patience to go around to CST to the "foreign mail post office" or "Customs house" for every package that comes...

Is there a way to ensure that the postal service does what it is being paid to do?

No one answers phone calls, no one replies to emails. I want to bash some skulls... pity I don't even know which skulls to bash!

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