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The Indian Perspective - Helping Mumbai Expats

Dear Expatriates,

The indian Perspective offers services to help expatriates integrate with life in India.

The company offers mainly 4 services (in English, French and German languages):

1. Presentations on Indian Culture (including city visits)

(Do the millions of Hindu Gods and Goddesses confuse you? Can you identify the famous Bollywood stars? Is the Indian political system and regional politics too difficult to follow? Is there any Indian dish that is not spicy?

Or is your question simply - where do I get my good quality bread and cheese?

Whatever your question, we'll help you feel at home in Mumbai with all the practical information (including guided city visits).

2. Language class - English & Hindi

Probably the only possibilty in Mumbai for taking English and Hindi language classes in French/ German!

Besides, the English classes can be tailored around a theme on Indian culture each time - so learn about Indian weddings, cuisine, festivals, religions, movies, etc all while also learning English language!

3. Finding an appartment (an an agent for Reliance Property Solutions)

Finding the right appartment is always the biggest question once you have decided to relocate. "The Indian Perspective" can help you rent/ purchase property in all important Indian cities thanks to its tie-up with Reliance Property Solutions, a group company of India's largest industrial house

4. Yoga and de-stressing techniques (Art of Living)

Still feeling stressed in the new country? Is the pollution getting to you? While in India, you certainly must benefit from its ancient knowledge of Yoga/ meditation and Ayurveda. Learn the breathing techniques of the internationally acclaimed "Art of Living" organisation to lead a happy, healthy and stress-free life!

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