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Unwanted contacting on InterNations (Mumbai)


Dear all,

As you all know, InterNations is an interactive community for connecting with global minds. It encourages networking through messages, twinkles and contact requests. Most of our members make vivid use of these options to get and stay in touch with like-minded people from all around the globe.

Unfortunately, from time to time some users seem to overdo it though. It has come to my attention that some individuals use the tools that are meant for friendly and mutual networking to inappropriately approach especially some of our female members.

While we of course highly encourage communication and networking in the community, I hereby appeal to everyone to be respectful while doing so. Contact others when you know them personally or have a personal and specific interest in them, e.g. you request a specific information from them. Don’t spam members at random with messages or contact requests. If someone does not react to or declines your attempt to establish contact, respect their decision.

In case you should receive unwanted or inappropriate messages, you can always report them to the InterNations quality assurance by clicking on “Report Abuse” at the bottom of the mail. Should you repeatedly be approached inappropriately, feel free to contact me personally.

Let’s make sure that we can all enjoy interaction in our InterNations community – let’s be respectful.


Mumbai Forum