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What should be the budget and location for a 2 BHK (Mumbai)

Dear friends,
I'm new to this forum, and to relocations in general, so I'd most appreciate your detailed and honest responses.
My fiancee and I currently reside in Israel. I have been offered an executive position in one of the largest pharma companies in India. As I'm about to sign the contract, I have still yet to come to an agreement with the company with respect to accommodations. They are offering to make the arrangements and to rent a 2 BHK apartment for me. I have 2 questions regarding that:

- What area in Mumbai should I ask them to offer me? I have read about Bandra west, Juhu and Powai as recommended locations for expats. Keeping in mind that we are a couple in our 30s, no children and own a very energetic dog(...), which would be the most recommended?

- As they are setting the budget at 150K INR, I'm wondering would that be sufficient? Should I ask for a higher amount?

Apologies for the long manifest, and many thanks in advance for your responses.

Have a great weekend

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