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working Conditions in Mumbai

Hi there,

As I will be in Mumbai in the next 5 months, I will soon be applying for jobs there in HR/Training/Recruitment and wondered if somebody could give me some guidelines on working conditions in Mumbai?

I work in HR so already have a set target for my job prospects and will be approaching multi-national as well as Indian companies, but what would the typical salary range be for a Deputy HR Manager/HR Manager position in a mid-large sized company?

I've been watching a couple of job boards and have seen a dramatic difference between salary ranges, going from 2,00,000 to 7,000,000+. is it normal to have such huge ranges between salaries?

Also, I notice a lot of companies are asking for Post Grad degrees, which I don't have, but is this something that would definitely determine your success in a job search, or do companies take into account experience over qualifications?

Finally, and this is a biggie for me at the moment; but what is the typical working day like in Mumbai? I've read a lot about companies being relaxed about working hours, but the days can be very long in most companies and leave days are few and far between. Is this the case or just internet hype?

Thanks in advance to all who take the time to reply, I really appreciate it!

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