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Yoga/ meditation - Art of Living class-for charity (Mumbai)

This month, I take pride in announcing my very best program – The Art of Living Part 1 course, which is very famous in India and has won several awards internationally for its breathing and meditation techniques. The founder, HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is often invited even by the UN and World Economic Forum, since his knowledge has made thousands of people in more than Protected content live a happier, healthier and stress-free life (more info on Protected content

Whether you have attended yoga/ meditation classes earlier or not, I strongly and sincerely recommend everyone not to miss this program. Come, experience mystical India!

Art of Living Part 1 course

There is a well-known saying - It’s all in the mind. Our response to praise and criticism, relationships with people around us, hopes and desires, fears and anxieties, holding on to past memories – everything depends on how our mind functions. Infact our health problems - whether it is emotional problems such as depression or physical problems such as cholesterol, blood pressure, body pain, etc - they mainly occur because of stress.
And it is certainly not easy to control our mind and thoughts.

The Art of Living course teaches Sudarshan Kriya (SKY), a powerful breathing technique which is simple yet effective. It can be done easily even while sitting on a chair! Medical research shows that it reduces cholesterol, diabetes, depression among several other issues and leaves a person feeling light and calm! (More details on Protected content

If you thought yoga classes were only about difficult postures, you were wrong! Here you will also learn the correct way to chant “Om” and its meaning, throw out 60% of the toxins from the body and take in 3 times more oxygen just by proper breathing, meditations and live a healthy, happy life even if your environment is stressful.

Date, time and venue (9 hours class over 3 days) :

1. Protected content weekend batch
18, 19, 20 February at the residence of Annie & Pierre-Yves Roquet
Timings on 18 & 19 Feb – 10 am to 1 pm
Timings on 20 Feb – 6 or 7 pm onwards depending on convenience of participants

2. Protected content Mumbai weekday batch
20, 21, 22 February at the residence of Rachel Wawn & Ashok Kurien in Tahnee Heights, Nepean sea road
Timings on all 3 days – 10:15 am to 1:15 pm

Donation: Rs 3,000
(This fee entitles you to repeat the course and attend weekly follow-ups anywhere in the city for free! )
The same course costs Protected content in Europe and Protected content in the US so it would be a very good bargain to do it here.
The entire proceeds will be donated to the charity projects ( Protected content )

For more information and registration : Protected content

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