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A huge favor to ask (Munich)

Hey everybody,
I have a problem: I was given a car for my time outside of Munich when I was working in a hospital there. It was quite remote and the car very useful. But now it goes to a different employee and I need to return the car in perfect condition on thursday morning. Now here is the problem: I injured myself yesterday while jogging on my spring joint. How bad, I am about to find out at my orthopedics appointment. But I am pretty much invalid and am now sending a call out for anyone who feels he could pick my car up, hoover it and drive it through the washing thing and making sure it looks pretty nice. I know it´s a huge thing to ask but I am kind of desperate so I send this out. As a reward I offer that you drive the car for as long as you wish until thursday morning. For the tech guys who wonder about the performance:
It´s an Audi A4 Avant
240 bhp
500 Nm (the thing goes...)
It´s a a badass ride. If you can/want to help please send me an email to Protected content or call me at Protected content my messages for this month are already expired.

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