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Activities and events - New rules of Internations (Munich)


Hi everybody! I took part to an interesting discussion on another post.. I was very keen to know what is the point of view of the other members about the new rules of Internation Munich and the so called Activities.
The discussion ( Protected content ) was quite interesting in my opinion.. but now the thread is closed (I hope just because the original topic of the thread was another one!!).

As I spoke a lot with some friends about this new "feature" and about the way things are changing here in IN, I would like to ear what do you think about it. I'm doing this because I dont like those new rules and I've been invited by a couple of ambassadors to let know to the people and to the IN team what I think.

Please let's continue to talk about it and please let me know what do you think. Above all I'm interested to ear from the people that do like this new way of being part of an "open minded" community. Note that I just want an honest point of view and some good argomentations.

All the best,

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