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An adopted cat may need a new home in Munich.

Hey Guys,
A beautiful, adopted cat (male tabby, 3 years old, treated, vaccinated, microchipped) that I adopted to relieve him from a difficult home a couple of years ago would need a new home in next days. He is very affectionate to me and I am still trying to find a way to keep him, but new job is in new city from October that involves a lot of traveling and is currently temporary in a pet-unfriendly company's residence.

Is anyone is genuinely interested to provide him with all his needs, or any other suggestion/solution to this situation?

-Stricktly outdoor cat but routinely comes back several times a day- He needs a permanent access outside (day and night) to safer garden with a home on ground floor which is atleast away from major streets.

-Playful personality, extremely human-friendly. He prefers a solitary, wandering life though so he should be the only animal in the house.

I have provided him with all of the above and can help with the needs in case new adoption is imminent (cat smart flap for window access, a GPS-based collar, tree, carry box, etc).

More so, since I wrote about the request under "Housing", does anyone need a fully furnished 45 mtr sq. flat in central Munich from Oct 01, which I am vacating on that day? I can send you the details, the Rent is Protected content all inclusive, TV and internet.

It would be so much more ideal if the new tenant can solve both situations.

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