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apartment or room starting end of may or June 1 (Munich)

I have landed my first expat assignment in Munich, and now comes the hunt for housing. I have a start date of June 5, so I plan to arrive the week prior, but I could hold out for a place starting June 1.

I am currently flexible regarding the time period, but if the opportunity is only temporary, a minimum two month stay would be preferred.

I have two very well behaved cats (they are trained to not jump on tables or counters, they are not destructive at all, never miss the box, etc), and I very much want to bring them along, so a pet friendly place is also preferred!

For a permanent rental, I'd like a two room or large one room place, located in a fun/funky neighborhood with cafes and nightlife nearby. I'm open to suggestion! Workplace is closest to Karl Preis Platz on the U2. Location of a temporary place is not so important so long as the commute to work isn't too bad.

If you have something that might be suitable, or even tips for where to look elsewhere, I appreciate any and all input.

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