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Average pay for an Engineering Internship? (Munich)

Hey guys,

So I will be relocating to Munich in March for an Engineering Internship that I got with Kongsberg Automotive through a friend.

While I know that a majority of internships are unpaid, I will be getting paid for mine. And, while I know that I won't have much toom to negotiate seeing as I'm in the position that I'm in, can anybody give a rough estimate of what's considered "reasonable" pay (netto) if I continue with this role?

My friend suggested to ask for €2000/month nett, which would be nice and comfortable (I could at least save a bit each month, even after taking my German Night Classes), knowing that graduate Engineers in full-time positions get €45k-€50k/annum (gross) makes me think that requesting for this much and getting it would be very unlikely... And I'd rather not make a fool of myself asking that much when I meet the Director next.

Anybody have - or know - a reasonable number?

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