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Bayern was cheated (Munich)

Die Roten was cheated and I have the proof. Juergen Klopp sidelined Sturrridge and other strikers to the FA cup and late cameo positions-what actually he did in playing Firminho or Mane as a false 9 hinges on cheating - borderline cheating so the front 3 effectively play as wing backs but they cheat - they don't track back , last season this made Liverpool concede many goals but now he has the luxury of a Rolls Royce (The Dyk) at the back , when pool concedes possession the diamond morphs into a quartet however once the player in the hole retrieves the ball the opposition is outnumbered by at least 1 player which creates mayhem for the opposition. Pool played a Protected content with Firminho dropping deep to retrieve possession, with only 2 shots on target over Protected content , this ageing side failed to provide any spark. Both teams were horrible, despite bayern having the majority of possession, it was down to the fact that pool was carelessly handing it to them. The pool strategy hinged on the fact they wanted to force Bayern wide stretching the full backs, for the 1st goal, the Rolls Royce by passed the midfield with a long ball, Nuer fumbled along with his back line, This match did not live to the hype, but we are talking about the deadliest front 3 in the history of modern football, there was only going to be 1 winner.

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